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IPhone 12 Pro Max: Increase or level of use Every year, until the end of August and next year or the beginning of September, all the new interesting information about the new iPhone appears. Apple this year added a new iPhone as a new iPhone 12 Pro Max, this is a new and more powerful phone line from Apple this year. Please, consult more product descriptions below to make a purchase decision. 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR fabric This year, the 12 Pro Max fabric technology was also renewed and equipped with the same size of 6.7-inch fabric, be larger than the iPhone 12 Mini. With OLED fabric technology for the ability to display images of até 2778 x 1284 pixels. Furthermore, this fabric also offers higher maximum brightness at 800 nits, always guaranteeing a high brightness and easier to see in the sun. Outra innovation in the fabric of the Apple iPhone 12 this year and the date of them will be secured with square moldings, stainless steel edges that mark luxurious beauty on the phone. The machine is also equipped with many versions of special colors for the user escort. 6 GB of comfortable multi-tasking RAM, large internal memory in relation to internal hardware, or iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 6GB RAM stick. Isso shows that Apple is providing more and more users to or equip a larger amount of RAM for speedy multitasking. A large RAM memory allows you to experience smoother gaming and multitasking. This year, the 12 Pro Max will also have three different versions of internal cage, as a smaller internal cage starting at 128 GB, 256 GB and or higher at 512 GB. A phone with a large internal memory for a laptop or that Apple wants to offer years to users to be able to share less memory with other devices. Apple A14 5nm SoC chip, 6GB of powerful RAM Or iPhone 12 Pro Max has hardly any melhorias above, but also an innovation that is considered at the heart of the core to operate or super phone 2020, which is or Apple 5nm chip A14 SoC. This equipment helps or telephones a formidable force for your concurrent performance terms, battery performance. Não só isso, but the touches of the iPhone 12 updated forms for Apple and the latest to combine as the sites of touches of the leaf. https://toqueparacelular.com/ is an example when they offer free iPhone touches and converted formats for M4r files. Or that there is no more to experiment.

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