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Synedoche as a barrier

This text was inspired by some recent facts, the analysis presented reminded me about how taking part of something as it's whole is a limiting mechanism.

In the example, hedge funds are taken as the whole wall street, while it's pointed out that other actors made money during the incident. A step further, we get leftists seeing this as an example of anti capitalist activism. Wall street isn't capitalism either.

Synedoches can be useful for explaining ideas, however it is the means of transmission, it is not the ideas itself. Hence when this starts permeating into our thinking mechanisms it becomes a barrier to more thinking.

Just watch how debatebros end up stuck when trying to explain that SJWs went too far and stopping to sell 6 books from Dr. Seuss is the same as Germany who burned books. Here the debate bros deprive themselves of more thinking because they are using the syndedoche mechanics instead of developing other skills.

The idea behind thinking is not about brute forcing points of view until you get one that suites your pre existing beliefs, but rather take many points of view pretty much like a 3D scanner, and more often than not it would make your model of reality evolve.