Work Life

Observations from real work life.

One is hired by a company, but bosses think you work for their own wit, for example by coercing you to exceed contractual work time.

Weak people in organizations are insecure and feel worthless. They compensate by creating own local processes, often conflicting with company processes.

For the same reason, those “local rulers” need to excessively control, interfere, question, review, discuss, evaluate, align, or micromanage.

Often the less able become “managers” because there is no other “merit” which they can contribute with their incompetence.

The amount of incompetent people hired in a company is proportional to the general “herd population to conscious people ratio”.

Therefore “managers” are needed to drive the herd slaves and create the (fake) impression (reporting) of achievement and progress.

Where need for decisions arises, incompetent managers ignore objective analyses and opt for endless political passtime.

Businesses need to optimize and increase efficiency. Instead, due to the above said, efficiency decreases and amount of “good ideas” increases. The consequence is utter overload of available resources, of which only people are “stretchable” to above 100%.

Due to the amount of incompetent irresponsibles, the able ones get an overstraining share of responsibilities.