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Political Persecution?

Do you think prosecuting Trump is a political persecution? Read on:

We now know that Trump’s allies knew he lost and told him so in the wake of the 2020 election.

To try to stay in power anyway, Trump’s strategy started with pushing the idea that the election was a fraud, a strategy he floated in 2016 but then dropped after he found out he won.

Screaming “fraud,” Trump’s legal allies sued many times in many states … and they lost across the board, because they had no evidence.

But the point of suing was to make it seem like there was a case for fraud, in order to put pressure on Republican politicians to question the election and change the results. There were numerous recounts in many states.

Also, Trump and his allies set up fake (electoral college) electors in swing states he had lost, to try to cast votes for him even though he lost.

On Jan. 6th, Trump provoked the mob to try to intimidate congress into delaying confirmation of Biden’s win.

Trump’s overall aim was to sow enough dissent, delay, and confusion to throw the election back to the states, while convincing or coercing the Republican legislatures to change the results to re-elect Trump.

All of this was highly illegal – the fake electors, pressuring politicians to throw out election results, trying to forcefully delay confirmation in Congress.

Trump was attempting to throw out the election so he could stay in power. He was attempting a soft coup – that is, a coup without the military, since the military refused to join him.

Trump MUST BE prosecuted. If he is not held accountable, a future coup becomes inevitable, since it will be understood to be a strategy that can be used without negative consequences.

If successful, the soft coup strategy would end voting democracy in the United States.

If democracy ends, it ends for everyone, not just libs and Dems. If you’re a Trump supporter, you might actually like it for a while, but dictatorships eventually crush everyone, including you, unless you’re one of the few on the inside and with a lot of money and power.