The Jew, Capitalism, and Why Hitler Was Bad With Money

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

Before I get into things, I would like to deliver a little discouragement. Jewish hate, an often overblown discussion topic for many a normal human being (read: “uninformed”) brings about many different, and often fun ideas to the table. Many individuals I have noticed, when they have even but the slightest scent of hate about their breath when they inevitably whisper “Jew” as if someone might hear them, often seem to list only the slightest of grievances against the recipients of their miserable vilification. My issue with those individuals is not their distaste for our rambunctious friends, but how they express it. If you hate someone, let it not be in hushed tones or in a whisper, rather let your foolishness be known to all men, and let their wrath fall upon you. What good is words without consequence?

To deprive yourself of the joy of expressing your right to speech, you are making a mockery of those that suffered and died for your freedom to do so. And in failing to be heard you rob yourself of these rights (read: gifts), your nature, and your humanity. If what separates a person from an animal is partially determined by both their rights and their ability to think deeply and communicate; to deprive your neighbor of these things is to make yourself no more useful then that of the animal, and as such you might as well be one. This is how i see men who are too afraid to speak for fear of consequence, they are not men, they are but dogs.

Now for the actual reason I am speaking to your now, dear reader, I would like to put to writing my thoughts on the Jew and his role in this wonderful rotting corpse of a planet we call earth. The Jew is an elusive beast, many a desperate goy will try to understand what leads them into such disproportionate sums of wealth, while the average man (or woman) may struggle for decades to but feed themselves. This contrasting attribute is one of the main causes for contempt, though these feelings are nothing new, for it was the Führer who made such a stink about them not that long ago, as of writing that was only but 80 years ago. It was the Führer himself that proved the resilience and proved that the Jew was a “cockroach” of sorts. Now before the more culturally sensitive of you get upset for me calling the Jew a roach, let me put it in different terms. The Jew is resilient, he is clever, he can survive impossible odds placed against him while lacking any real innately defensive characteristics, and needs very little in the way of sustainable resources in order to keep himself fed and clothed. It is what makes them like a cockroach, a beautiful creature, a wonder of nature, and like the cockroach, many of our depictions of such are not beautiful, though you would be remiss to look upon the humble roach with disdain in your heart, for they have done something that you often fail to do, to be resilient.

So you may be thinking, but probably not, “Well while that is all well and good, what good is a Jew to me?” And I’m glad that you probably didn’t ask that, but if you did I will answer that possibility. The Jew is a wonderful resource, as well as they make pretty good friends. The resource aspect is the selfish reason to befriend the Jew, but never the less, a reason few people would fault you for. Wealth has a nasty habit of robbing those, even the most astute and miserly, of their capital. Most Jews, with the skill to handle money, understand that to make money, you must “invest”; what I mean by this is that they understand the basic concept posited by industrialist George Eastman in 1891 when he said, “You have to spend money to make money”, later stating “The man who has put out $2,500 and taken 2 years’ time can create income for himself and employ others.” Here in lies the core of my argument for why I absolutely love having Jewish friends, not only for their friendship and support through difficulties in my life, but also the fact that it is because of a Jew that I can often find work to be done, and in return for my wage-slavery, a handsome sum. If I may use my own experience as a measure for their usefulness; I myself grew up with a Jewish friend, and he helped me learn how to make, save, invest and show others that I am worthy of a pay-check (read: specialization and marketability of my skill set). The lessons he taught me I try my best to exercise to the best of my conscience in business and it has helped me in many an exploit.

Without the example of a Jew, I would not nearly have what I do now, and for the time he spent teaching me what many of his own people have learned, I am thankful. This article is not about just the Jew, it is about the Jew who is also an entrepreneur and a friend. I just call them “Jew” because that is the stereotype, but I have a news flash for you, you may need to sit down for this, but there are many Jews in poverty, just as with all races and ethnicity; they were not gifted with the opportunity or the ability to handle money in a way that is profitable. It is not the Jew I speak of, but the stereotype, a surprisingly accurate generalization cast upon a large percentage of a group, larger in percentage then other races… with the exception of Asians in certain areas of the world.

Now I feel that this is a good time to explain to you why I think Hitler was bad with money. He saw (this is recorded in several places) that the Jew was to be blamed for Germany’s utter failure at recovering their economic status in the global stage. Instead of doing the hard thing and looking internally at poor economic decisions, he instead decided to vilify the Jew (as many are guilty of to this day) and their resourcefulness. He saw the Jew crossing over the oceans and establishing trade, cutting deals and returning to Israel to place some of their wealth back into their own country as a threat to Germany. It was based on the concept that in capitalism, there is a pie, and that pie is finite, and if someone takes a larger cut of the pie, then there is less for you. Although in reality this is not the case; in order to get a piece of the pie, you actually have to generate enough wealth to collect. The pie is not finite, it experiences growth in relation to the creation of value. Goods are exchanged for value, and visa versa. It is this fundamental concept that every good economist lives by. Even if for example, the Jew was taking a “large” cut of the pie, if you were to utilize their wealth and work with them, you will find that their portion will decrease, and your portion will increase as you create value, when you begin to supply their demand. All Germany needed to do was to generate goods and services, and in return the Jew would happily bring their wealth, their investments, and their skill with money to Germany in order to see future profits that would have benefited both Germany and them. It was this lack of understanding that Adolf showed that brings about my determination that he was bad with money. I mean this faggot went to ART SCHOOL. Let that sink in. Fucking art school. What a moron, YOU CAN’T MAKE JACK SHIT WITH PAINTINGS YOU STUPID NIGGER! Anyway I’m digressing; TL;DR Hitler was a pussy finger-painting bitch that didn’t understand money.

Fuck now I have to come up with a conclusion… Ummm, well; i covered why Hitler was a dumb fuck with money, i covered the Jew and how he is a roach, covered cowardice of those who bitch about them, and talked about my own experience with the Jew. Hmm, I’ll tell you what; take my advice. Go out, find a cool Jew that makes mad money. Ask them how they did it, and if they have any books for you to read or advice. Use that resource, get smart, get KNOWLEDGE, and in the end you might have just enough money to feed your serious heroin addiction, and if you are lucky, you might make enough money to feed multiple different drug addictions and find yourself an early grave before the ripe old age of 35.