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I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

I feel like I’m constantly jumping from one thing to another with absolutely no idea as to why or how

I feel like I’m constantly jumping from one thing to another with absolutely no idea as to why or how I intend to live my digitial life. And honestly, this isn’t the first post of this kind.

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I recently read a post from Chris Coyier who read a thing from Jim Nielsen, and honestly they both have a point. Getting nonsense domains for the lolz is literally my thing, here they’re talking about using them for projects, I have ideals of projects and don’t have the time to make them happen.

Right now since I’m suffering a slow financial death (please donate 🙏 I’d like to continue eating), I’ve had to part with domains en masse and that makes me sad. I don’t even know why, a lot of them I just had for the sake of having.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a shortlist of ones that I have a reason to love like,, and my on again off again relationship with (we’re back on again 🫶). Between all of them I’ve got this great idea for a mega archive, which is almost hilarious since I couldn’t pay for my DreamHost account any more and ended up losing a couple decades of data.

It is what it is and it means again I’m faced with what do I do and how I do. Answer is, as usual I don’t fucking know. The hosting for is super overdue and between it and a lot of the parts of it are hosted in at home on the internet connection that is always getting cut off and under the looming threat of yet another late electric bill being the final straw for my provider.

Out of necessity I start working on another domain that I’ve had for a long time and don’t usually use on a hosting account that has been paid for in advance when I wasn’t drowning in precarity so I can have something to do with my time and be creative.

Then the cycle restarts. Chasing that dragon. We are here with this blog.

So what now ? I’m just going to go with it, honestly I really love Plume and what I don’t love is that it gets firewalled away from me for 10 days a month and that I stupidly didn’t set it up with ProgreSQL. That is a problem that will be handled eventually.

I don’t intend to replace, I think its great, but at least for now I’m thinking of a mirror here on this right here website just cross posting. Not going to do the whole mega import again, just new stuff.

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