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Moving to Proton

After a tiny little scare that I was being MITM'd by Free, I made some fast movements to lock down some of my online conversations.

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After a tiny little scare that I was being MITM’d by Free, which in the end was just Free being shit and not say, upsetting Macron or being a journalist upsetting la Macronie, I made some fast movements to lock down some of my online conversations.

I temporarily moved my Delta Chat account to, they have the ability to encrypt to PGP on reception and just far enough out of the reach of stupid French Government ideas. I was previously using mailo for this but the only negative point I have to give is that their filtering isn’t too adaptable. It is worth noting that I still very much prefer nubo for my main mail needs but with the cut in income, I can’t afford the space I’m using so have had to reduce my dependence there.

Anyways, I’m a big fan of Delta Chat and that is where I do most of my chatting, while I’m not plotting anything illegal with the concerning level of privacy violating laws and Macron’s sweet embrace of authoritarianism, leading the way to a 2027 election that could be Marine le Nazi vs Gégé’s Police State because the left are busy bickering again, one really needs to make some considerations to these things.

For years I’ve been using Proton and I have previously moved back and forth from it, while recently it has got better, there are still some not so good blockers for my use case and needs. One of those blockers being the lack of SMTP / IMAP (because Delta Chat), header munging and loading everything locally when using the Proton Bridge.

That was until I decided to do something absolutely stupid and it worked. I managed to leverage Proton Bridge, mbsync, and a locally run IMAP / SMTP server to basically force it to work with Delta Chat. It isn’t perfect and there are the occasional issues, but for the most part it seems to be working and stable enough to use in production.

Chats and Mailing Lists being the two activities that generate a fuck tonne of storage space, I can now leverage the rather decent amount of space I have a available on Proton and the mailbox security. There are improvements to be made to this setup and a relocation once I can afford to replace a disk drive in the NAS (consider donating to help me from existing to living) and not have my internet cut off every month because I’m behind on my bills.