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Old photos, better times, hello depression

A bad day layed out in a ramble

I’m writing this on my phone because quite frankly sitting up is beyond my motivational abilities right now.

I’m in a mood, the bins need to be taken out, and now my clothes will permanently be on the clothes line because that is the way it is.

Over the past week or so I’ve been moving around what’s left of my domains, having to scramble things off of hosts as the bills aren’t paid, and just in a constant state of having to react to things. I’ve had enough.

But in the endless turmoil of all of this late stage “no avocado for you” capitalism, I’ve been going through some old photos to try and revitalise older projects to escape the farce of reality.

Once life was full of tacos, now it sucks

In this process I’ve been grabbing old photos to use and I find fond times, fond places, fond people. It’s nice and nostalgic, unlike now that is harsh and infuriating.

Laundry bar was a vibe

At this point, I don’t even know what I’m writing about. Just in bed, looking at pictures, under the oppressive doom that was caused by a pair of McBitches who need some McKarma. Whatever, the worst people alive seem to be in charge of this shitty timeline and I’m over it.


So just going to be here, in my bed, with my cats, disenchanted, demotivated, and desperate. I’d normally ask for a donation but honestly, not eating and not heating is how this Christmas is looking already and this precarity is just beyond my ability to do anything about it or allocate any energy towards. Just going to sit here until everything gets cut off, and continue sitting here afterwards.

Nice days, nice weather, nice times are all of the past