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The Audacity

I'm in a mood today because right now my 4G connection decided to be so slow that the plugs are struggling to ping home.

Photo de Kai Pilger sur Unsplash

I’m in a mood today because right now my 4G connection decided to be so slow that the plugs are struggling to ping home and TV has been cut off because zero bandwidth. I’m surprised I can even post this shit right now.

Anyways to the point, this was going to be a status entry but then it became too many words, let me run this down for you.

Last week I spent TWO WHOLE EUROS to get dressed up, get on the métro, and get to an “interview”. I use this term loosely because it was basically THREE HOURS of ice breakers with no substance and the observers dodging questions about the actual job, the pay, the deal, you know non-important things.

That ended with a “we’ll be in contact in a week”, yesterday was that day. I spoke with the guy who blew smoke up my ass for a few minutes and then got to the point.

Looking over our needs at the moment, we don’t need managers right now but would you consider an entry level job. I’m going to be transparent the pay isn’t great

Some guy wasting my time

He wasn’t lying, the manager job comes in to at 36k and you’re expected to work days, nights, and weekends. Nights being literally over night, which incidentally in this country means you need to be paid extra for that. They don’t obviously for reasons I’m sure. No bonuses either, just upselling legal requirement items as their BeSt PaCkAgE eVeR.

Because I really have no self respect, I enquired

What is the pay for this role then ?

Dumb shit that came out of my mouth

Hold on to your hats people, because what’s next will shock you

The legal minimum wage, no bonuses, no legal payments, a whole shift of gruelling labour on your feet (if you can lean you can clean), and a FOUR MONTH trial period.

It was a hard pass, take my name out of your mouth, never call again, blocked, deleted, unfollowed, fuck you.

The absolute disrespect to waste three hours of my time, plus the travel there, plus your own time, plus paying FOUR FUCKING PEOPLE TO DO THIS SHIT, and then low balling me so hard I should have got at least a glass of wine before those low balls slapped my ass so hard is UNREAL.