Herak Haifa support Shahed Abu-Salama

We, in Herak Haifa, support the Palestinian activist, academic and blogger Shahed Abu-Salama.

We reject the allegations against her as a smear campaign, organized by Zionist groups in cooperation with Zionist apartheid regime.

Such campaigns take place all over the world, in order to silence the voice of struggling Palestinians, and to oppress any form of Palestinian resistance to the Zionist settler-state, together with anyone who advocates for freedom and justice in Palestine.

Shahed Abu-Salama raises a clear genuine voice, from besieged Gaza and from Sheffield, England. She brings her story and opinions as a Palestinian, a Gaza resident and a young woman activist.

The smear campaign against Shahed Abu-Salama is being held at the same time as the harassment campaign against Palestinian women activists within occupied Palestine, including our comrade Somaya Falah. This campaign is being held by Zionist police and Shabak in the form of detainment, interrogations and incitement via the cooperating Zionist media. Coordinated or not, those cases are parts of an attack on Palestinian women and their right to be involved in the struggle for justice and freedom. With both Shahed and Somaya, part of the intimidation campaign is to sabotage their academic careers, to damage their opportunities to study and teach and to threaten other Palestinian academics.

From occupied Haifa we stand with Shahed Abu-Salama and hold her hands. We join our voice to Shahed’s in the call for ending Zionist apartheid in all parts of Palestine. We stand with activists all over the world who face the Zionist attacks on Palestinians freedom of speech. Together we will exercise our right to call for the end of the siege on Gaza, for the release of the Palestinian prisoners and for the return of the refugees to all parts of their occupied land. Together we will never stop fighting for freedom and justice in place of the Zionist settler state on all parts of historic Palestine.

Herak Haifa