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Librem5 is finally here

Finally, after long waiting, I received my librem5 phone. Librem5, made by purism, aims to focus on privacy, security and freedom. It is impressively free on the hardware + firmware side and it runs 100% free software.

The long waiting has forced me to buy an interim device, a relatively cheep PinePhone. comparing to the PinePhone, Librem5 is much faster, which makes it’s user experience significantly better and improves usability. It came with PureOS (purism home Linux distribution) pre-installed, with rootfs partition encrypted. Chatting (matrix, signal) and browsing is finally easy and simple as it should be. I installed Waydroid (Android in container) and I use WhatsApp on top if it. once again, it works much faster then on PinePhone. Librem5 has 3 physical kill-switches. they let you shutdown camera+microphone, WiFi+Bluetooth and modem, directly at hardware level, for privacy reasons. I don’t plan to use those switches regularly, but it might be useful on some situations. There is still a lot to explore and many problems to fix, but it’s another successful step to freedom.