Threatening walls - fragile foundations

One year to Gilboa prison break.

A year ago, at the heroic “Freedom tunnel” operation, 6 Palestinian resistance fighters managed to breakout of Gilboa occupation prison.

The 6 were:

  • Zakaria Zubeidi
  • Mahmoud Abdullah Ardah
  • Mohammed Qassem Ardah
  • Yaqoub Mahmoud Qadri
  • Ayham Nayef Kamamji
  • Monadel Yacoub Nafe’at

The freedom fighters were captured and sentenced to 5 more years in prison, the sad price that Palestinians pay for resisting the occupation.

The Gilboa prison break is undoubtedly the most significant prison-break in the history of #Zionist apartheid regime in Palestine. At the time, it gave a boost of enthusiasm and willingness to our vigils outside of the occupation prisons. Those vigils were taken, at the time, in support for hunger-striking administrative detainees and in support of the women-prisoners at #Damoun prison.

The Zionist authorities did investigate their fiasco. Some embarrassing (for the occupation) flaws in the floor foundation were exposed. It was actually discovered that concrete cylinders were partially made of styrofoam. There was also a gap between the prison floor and the ground… This can serve us as a global lesson:
No matter how high and strong are the walls of the prison, its foundations are unsteady, and people will break out. The foundations of the occupation, as of any oppressive regime, are unsteady, fragile and undoubtedly uneven. The people will break free. Under the concrete floor of the Zionist prison, the ground is Palestine. One day we will emerge through the gap and we will be free. #Palestine will be free.