Just me

Just me

My lord,

now you´re in my head again and I can´t fall asleep.
My heart is throbbing and I can feel the beat.
Boom, boom - boom, boom, that´s its sounds
just like it wants to jump into the clouds.

My head likes to stop all those feelings,
don´t want to feel foolish.
He needs to have control, needs true things,
don´t want to be misleaded.

I want real friendship, I like to dream,
perhaps touching heart like sweet cream :D
I´m an encouraging person with all my heart
at the same time a dramaqueen, when I felt hurt.

So that´s me,
with mistakes,
with truth,
with doubt,
with heart,
with wishes,
with needs,
with control,
with chaos,
with heartbeat,
that´s me,
just me.

März 2019

Bild: CC-BY-SA
Das Wort “Lord” hat nichts mit Gott zu tun.
Mein Englisch ist nicht perfekt, aber paßt schon ;)