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On our own business

Bethesda: We’re “sorry”, but we can’t find any participation in a hate campaign
Me: shows them the evidence
Bethesda: …

And nothing happened. So one can see: @Bethesda is just another fuck up company that gives a shit about other people and keeps going with their #bullying employees. I already had the same some years ago in their ESO “community”, which I had to leave because of cyberbullying. Already there they said, that they can’t see any bullying.

Never trust any #Bethesda employee! They’re just lying, bullying, and harassing! And to be honest here too: I was committing suicide on these days ago, after cyberbullying from their “community” but the police took action just in time.
For sure Bethesda doesn’t give a shit about that any more than they give a shit about what their employees bang out with their Bethesda connected accounts like Ophelia Noir did, whom I’ve never really had any contact with.

Bullying Bethesda employee

I never tried to pin something to her or Bethesda. Never! What she writes in this tweet is a complete lie with her official Bethesda account. I wrote Bethesda, but they only replied that they couldn’t see any fault or participation in a hate campaign. Btw: She answered on a tweet from Nalou_Arts, where I got doxed entirely, and a lawsuit is running.