Important Notice: this service will be discontinued by the end of 2024 because for multiple years now, Plume is no longer under active/continuous development. Sadly each time there was hope, active development came to a stop again. Please consider using our Writefreely instance instead.

Plume 0.6.0 is out!

All Plume administrators are encouraged to update

Happy New Year!

We are proud to announce Plume’s new pre-release version 0.6.0! All Plume administrators are encouraged to update to this version.

What about 0.5.0?

You might remember that our previous post is on 0.4.0. What about 0.5.0? We just didn’t write it. See the release note for details ;)

What changed since 0.5.0?

A security fix

Previous versions of Plume are vulnerable to a spoofing attack. You are encouraged to update Plume to 0.6.0. Roger Meyer reported this vulnerability and advised us. Thank you so much.


@FDB_hiroshima added support for LDAP authentication. Check out our configuration page to see how to enable it on your instance. Once enabled, users registered in the LDAP directory will be able to authenticate on Plume with their LDAP credentials.

@KitaitiMakoto (it’s me ;) ) made tags stay as-is: In previous versions, when you add a tag Hello World, Plume automatically converted it to HelloWorld(a whitespace is removed). Since 0.6.0, this auto-conversion is disabled.

As an invisible improvement, @marek-lach accelarated mobile menu opening transition. Could you recognize it? This is a CSS work and introduced to the default theme. You might need implement it for yourself if you use a custom theme.

As one of multi-lingual supports, a web font for Arabic script was added to the default theme. @DearRude requested this and @theMasix did it.


Other multi-lingual improvements are ones for right-to-left languages: These include a fix on title position and content direction. Reported by @quentin and @ahangarha, fixed by @FDB_hiroshima and @KitaitiMakoto.

You might find you couldn’t switch to the rich text editor. The problem was fixed.

Updating Plume to 0.5.0, you might experience a trouble about search index. 0.6.0 fixes it automatically as possible. You never see the problem hopefully.

And more

Other people reported or fixed issues and developed Plume. Thanks a lot! We cannot mention everyone, but you can see more details following links from 0.6.0 release page.

Now and future

As mentioned on the official page, now Plume development is slowing down. It might be good to use other software such as WriteFreely and WordPress’ ActivityPub plugin.We will continue development, but as each member has less time to dedicate to Plume, we appreciate if you get involved!

We moved repositories to a Gitea instance, although you can checkout source code from, report issues at, send pull requests to GitHub as always.

Now we’re working with async-ize being led by meena. It includes

  • introducing actor system using Riker, and
  • upgrading Rocket framework to upcoming async version, v0.5.

This should improve performance and stability.

I (KitaitiMakoto) am interested in improving and fixing bugs of federation. My first TODO item will be to investigate how we can follow Mastodon accounts, and vice-versa.

Also, UI improvements are important. @freyja_wildes found and likes Plume, and is working on liking and boosting Plume articles without a page transition. Writing posts in Plume should be fun! For that many more work-flows need to become seamless. For example, uploading images, on which I will be working for the next release.

We, of course, welcome any feature requests, bug reporting and pull requests. We will happily work on them with you, so come join us in our Matrix chat.

We want to thank everyone for reading and writing on Plume. A special thanks to everyone running an instance! And thank you all for reporting bugs and requesting features, and for discussing and developing Plume!