Important Notice: this service will be discontinued by the end of 2024 because for multiple years now, Plume is no longer under active/continuous development. Sadly each time there was hope, active development came to a stop again. Please consider using our Writefreely instance instead.

Plume 0.7.0 is out!

Mastodon integration improved

A happy new year!

This release include many changes from v0.6.0 because one year passed since it released. I write significant changes. See release note for all changes.

Federation with Mastodon

Now Plume sign outgoing ActivityPub GET requests. This means Mastodon instances with security mode on accept Plume’s requests. It improves interoperability with Fediverse.

Security fixes

We update dependent crates, some includes security fixes. All administrators are encouraged to update Plume.


RtoL support was improved. Thanks trinity-1686a, mskf1383, mareklach and ahangarha!


Post URI

Posts’ URIs was changed. Plume uses Posts’ title for URI (with percent-encoded), while capital-cased dash-inserted slug have been used for former versions. Already published posts URIs didn’t change. This affects only newly published posts.


Remote interaction

Remote interaction including fav, boost and comment hasn’t worked for some time. It was fixed.

Menu opening

Menu opening button hasn’t worked for iOS. It was fixed.

And some fixes are included in new version. See release page for details.

Thank you for reading on, writing on, translating, reporting issues and development on Plume. We will continue development even if it is slow. Welcome any contributing!