Important Notice: this service will be discontinued by the end of 2024 because for multiple years now, Plume is no longer under active/continuous development. Sadly each time there was hope, active development came to a stop again. Please consider using our Writefreely instance instead.

Plume Development 2021-02-22

Fix of image explosion problem and documentation improvement

Image explosion problem

The image explosion problem I mentioned in last post needs two steps to fix:

  1. Making Plume stops to save images infinitely, then
  2. Removing existing duplicated images

I achieved the first last week and you can get the fixed version from Gitea’s main branch or Docker latest image. I will work on the latter this week.

Documentation improvement

@Marius fixed the presentation problem that preformatted text in documentation site sometimes too long and you see horizontal scroll bar. Additinally, he removed build env’s dependency on Node.js. Thanks.