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LikeCoin Button Tutorial for Plume

Turn likes to LIKE

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What is LikeCoin? In short, it is the crypto reward for content creators. I will get some LikeCoin (LIKE) if you clap the LikeCoin button located under my posts. LikeCoin button can be used in Medium, WordPress, Blogspot, and self-hosted websites. If you want to use LikeCoin button other than Plume, check this out:

Below, I’m gonna show you how to use iFrame to embed the LikeCoin button in Plume posts. According to LikeCoin userguide, the iFrame format is as follows:{{LikerID}}/button?referrer={{referrer}}

{LikerID} is your Liker ID, {referrer} is the encoded URL of this article, replace them with yours respectively. Take this post for example,

<div class="likecoin-embed likecoin-button">
<iframe width="100%" height="200px" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="">

If you like this article, please clap for me — up to 5 normal claps plus an extra super like, which is only available twice a day.

This is the result