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The Way of Colorpuncture — Chiu, Shih-fu and Hsieh, Yu-lan

My previous post talked about Peter Mandel, the founder of colorpuncture. In this post, I am going to introduce two advocators of Colorpuncture in Taiwan.


Master Chiu used to be a masseur. In 1997, in order to improve his skills he took a course of ‘joint release’ at Enlightenment Center. The instructor was a German, he took out colorpuncture set and said, “This is ‘Colorpuncture,’ a naturopathy from Germany.” The classmates were curious, what is Colorpuncture? Said the instructor, “Colorpuncture is a pain-less and non-invasive light therapy, applying various colors instead of the acupuncture needle to transmit the energy of various frequency, this way the cell message can be adjusted, the emotion can be transited and the body and mind can be restored to health.” A classmate was invited for demonstration. This impressed Chiu, when the instructor put the colorpuncture pen on the forehead and made strokes, the classmate yelled: “My belly is so full, feels like a balloon!” After some time, the instructor used a different color, the classmate’s belly wasn’t full anymore, but he started to cry out loud….. “What’s in your mind?” The instructor asked. The classmate said he thought about his father, their relationship was terrible and he was angry and sulking about it. He had been suffered from the flatulence, went to many doctors and no one could resolve his problem, hence he came to this course.

To catch up the bus going back to Taichung, Chiu did not stay to ask about the details but he called this classmate afterwards. “After going back, I had black stool for 3 days in a row, the flatulence never came back and the blue mood disappeared, it really feels relax.” The classmate told him. Hearing the reaction, Chiu was very excited! For a long time, he often encountered the health problem of the client that’s actually rooted in the emotion, however, there has been no breakthrough in massage technique in dealing with the emotion issue. A method that he had been looking for just appeared before him, Chiu was determined to learn colorpuncture. The instructor’s name is Makarand, Chiu’s wife Master Hsieh also learned from Makarand, she is among the first group of people who got in touch with colorpuncture in Taiwan. I went to Makarand’s course once, he is an elder gentleman but he is still teaching passionately and energetically, which is very admirable.

The path winds along mountain ridges

After they learned colorpuncture, Chiu and Hsieh began to apply colorpuncture on their clients and gained precious experience and they also shared it with their classmates. Hsieh received the affirmation and appreciation from Makarand and became his assistant for about 3 years; in 2000, Hsieh received the certification as Reiki Level 2, and Colorpuncture Therapist by International Mandel Institut. This is the period after the 1999 Jiji earthquake, Dongshi was damaged severely, almost all business activities were shut down and their studio could not open. Luckily, Enlightenment Center in Taipei and the classmates of colorpuncture gave their hands in time, helping Hsieh by introducing her clients in Taipei so that she could make it through the difficult situation. However, within a year, under the pressure of eagerness to be good at it and overwork, she was diagnosed as terminal breast cancer. After the operation, when the effect of anesthetics passed she began to have fever, and the wound hurt, making her very uncomfortable, Chiu applied the colorpuncture pen on the ear points, surprisingly the fever was gone, it also relieved the pain, the effect was so extraordinary that she forgot about the pain and fell asleep. The wound recovered very soon after the operation, mental stress was relieved as well. Experienced the colorpuncture energy that sooths the pain, changing the mood, from helpless, anxiety and fear, into peace and hope, both masters got more confidence to use colorpuncture, and they decided to research more secret of colorpuncture energy.

The importance of good light source to the human body

When inventing the colorpuncture pen, they thought it would be easy until they actually did the experiments. Using all kinds of material, doing many clinical experiments, they found some clients were very sensitive to the light with color. With the help of these “color light angel” and countless double-blind experiments, they finally found the color light, the material and the shape of the rod that suit body the most.

Light with the right frequency resonates with body and mind

For example, deep red and light red would have different reaction on the body despite they are both red light, not all red light is comfortable for human. It has to be the frequency that matches that of the human body for the resonance to occur. An analogy is the remote control of your car, the frequency has to be correct to open the door; or like making a phone call, the number you dial has to be right to reach the right person.

Right material produces right effect

At first the filter film was used, the human illuminated with this light of single wavelength would accelerate the heartbeat, as if climbing a steep slope, very uncomfortable.

LED emits cold light making the body cold

Chiu also attempted to use LED, but there are two major issues wit it: spectrum and color decay. Illuminated on the skin, within a few seconds the person who is sensitive would have faster heart beats, palpitations, heavy breaths, feeling cold and so on. For those who are not sensitive may not feel anything for a short time, they would feel inexplicably uncomfortable if illuminated long enough. It can be concluded that it is critical to choose the source of the light. Besides, the spectrum of the LED with a specific wavelength usually have a very sharp peak; secondly, LED tends to have color decay, in other words the color will change after being used for some time. A LED vendor told Chiu, to achieve the result he wants it can spend to 0.2 billion TWD (7 million USD) but there is no guarantee. Some vendors mixed the light from RGB LEDs and adjust their brightness by Pulse Width Modification to form the desired color, but this light is essentially different from the light with full spectrum, so is the result, it may be harmful to apply it to the human body, hence the idea of adapting LED as the light source is abandoned. PWM [source]:

Finally, glass rod that has the highest technical requirements and difficult to manufacture is chosen, each special focused rod is hand-made at 1200 Celsius, the bulb selected is of full spectrum, similar to that from the sun. The feedback from color light angels contributed in the improvement of the colorpuncture pen. After countless tests, flat type rod and the rod with diamond-shaped cut have no focus effect, one focus point type is very intense, 2 or 3 focus points are nearly the same. The rod with 4 focus points is sharp as blade according to color light angels, the final product is what we see today, stamen type rod with 5 focus points. It has sufficient focus effect but not too aggressive. Illuminated on the human body is “comfortable as if climbing a gentle slope,” described by Hsieh. The glass rod is obtuse L-shaped, making it easier to operate with the hand, the rods are numbered to avoid confusion and misuse. The tip of the stamen type also making it more suitable for ear points, less prone to slide. Gathering the enthusiasm of many, lots of time, efforts and cost were put into, it took nearly 4 years before this colorpuncture pen was successfully agglomerated.

Nova 168 colorpuncture pen set

So, how come there are two pens in Nova 168 set? It is because the acupoints in Brain Coordination can be divided into 6 pairs, empirically each pair can be treated simultaneously, therefore Kao, Chia-hung, who we call Senior Fellow, suggested to have 2 pens for the convenience of the therapists to use. This way Brain Coordination can be done in as less as 6 minutes. Besides, 6-color lotus shaped rods are suitable for pushing & pressing the bigger acupoints, rubbing tendons or illuminating zones, it is easy to use even for beginners. Nova 198 colorpuncture pen set

To develop a wearable colorpuncture device, they used to work with professors in a well-known local university, in the end they concluded that the colorpuncture pen set can cover both the convenience of carriage, and the effect of application.

A new path

Accumulating experience from more cases, Chiu and Hsieh applied the methodology of Chinese meridian, such as Eight Principles──yin and yang, exterior and interior, cold and hot, empty and full──together with inspection like palm diagnosis, tongue diagnosis to determine the current status of the client, then apply the colorpuncture to the corresponding meridians. For example, if pressing ST36 making it sore, then warm color should be applied; if pressing ST36 making it hurts, then cold color should be applied. Next, based on the meridians, viscera or bowels to choose the appropriate color. For instance, ST36 belongs to stomach meridian, warm colors are red or orange, cold colors are green or blue. Besides, to deal with issues in the aspect of spirit and mood, brand new therapies were developed together with colorlight angels, including 168 back recovery light and stress relieving; some were inspired from dreaming, such as hand-spirit lines. Chiu and Hsieh have been promoting colorpuncture because they sincerely hope the colorpuncture energy can be applied to people’s life, people will benefit themselves and helping the others.

The studio and classroom “Home of Color Light” of Chiu and Hsieh is located in Dongshi, Taichung; the studio of Senior Fellow (Dashixiong) is lcoated in Xinzhong, New Taipei.

*This article is translated with modification from my post in Chinese on Matters