Coming Back to Plume

Because I am indecisive decisions get made like Elmo Musk in a Social Media Sweatshop

I intend to cross post what is published on the Original [redacted identity] but this post I’m keeping here on it’s own. I want to try and import my old LJ entries, there are about 6.001 of them so that could be a bitch to do it by hand.

The solution is some kind of CSV to JSON converter and actually testing how Plume’s API works for importing, that’ll be a problem I guess for this week.

Right now I’ve got this running (and Writefreely) using PageKite, some teething problems with limited connections which I’m hoping can get lifted a bit to make it more functional.

Anyways, going back to exploring. 

Photo by Florian Krumm on Unsplash