Trialling [redacted identity] on Plume

Fediverse Blogging for the Win

I’m going to try moving my posting to [redacted identity] mainly on to Plume, currently I publish a static file with my writings to my Logarion install then deploy it out to the servers to sit there and serve.

While this is great and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be able to move static files from place to place rather than trying to figure out if your bloatware PHP thing will work on a new web host without making it explode, or worse if it ever breaks trying to pull your writings out of it.

But I quite like the Plume concept and the ability to make and receive comments on the fediverse without using some advertising hell like Disquis. Comments on Wordpress are horrid, mainly SPAM and you need to use yet another plugin to stop it, but so far there doesn’t seem to be a massively easy way to flood junk comments on to the fediverse (I say this with no irony knowing my federate timeline is mainly SPAM from

The server seems to be fairly stable and PageKite is doing the job quite well, so I think it’s time to really give it a blast. My Logarion version will continue to be updated, so don’t worry about that. In terms of the never ending project to get my old stuff somewhere, I’ve yet to figure out Plume’s API so if you know anyway to make that work let me know, otherwise I might upload everything to W8 or my WriteFreely instance.