The Fakeness of Science: A Deep Dive into Why this Shit is Whack, Yo!


For many a century, man has sought to reverse engineer truth; To learn the mechanics of the universe that we might harness them to create the Philosopher's Stone. "We will turn lead into gold!" they said. No word on whether we can turn gold into Bitcoin. "We will build wings that man might touch the stars!" Hey doofus, stars are like, a thousand miles away. You'd get lost. And what if you have to take a shit? Are we going to have to wear a colostomy bag? Idiot. "We're going to make your cock grow 6 inches with a single pill!" they say. If anything, it shrunk.

All of these things and more are science, but they never work, why is that? The answer is clear, and one you'll never learn in school. It's all fake. Lol seriously, you expect me to believe quadratic equations are the reason I can write this to a Internet right now? Fuck off Jew.

A Photo of Me, Fixing Your Brain

I've been putting my brain hard at work for years. In my pursuit of truth, I lost my job, my car, my wife, and more Twitter accounts than I can count, all online records purged. This series of articles will be dedicated to documenting the reality of the world as I see it, and hopefully, to enlighten you all in the process.