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The reason video uploads are broken on Autizmo Video

FFmpeg v4.4 has issues with HLS...

So basically FFmpeg version 4.4 is broken af when it comes to HLS.

It’s creating garbage initialisation points for the HLS streams rendering them pretty much unusable. Since it’s the actual initialisation point of the stream that makes pretty much the whole file unwatchable unless you download the whole thing and play it in a video player that can deal with the malformed MP4 file (tested and working in MPV [possibly VLC but not tested]).

This already has an issue under #9193 on the FFmpeg bug tracker.

So until there is a hotfix or a minor version that addresses the issue please refrain from uploading.

The server runs Arch and a long term goal is to migrate to Gentoo (where downgrading would be EZ-PZ) but for now downgrading FFmpeg brings me in to dependency hell and I don’t really have the time to deal with it.

That being said livestereams continue to work as expected but VODs will be broken af.