The new Plume instance of

It is finally time to test this cool piece of software, but beware: it is still flagged as alpha! If you run into issues, check this post for new disclaimers first, it will constantly be updated!

If you can read this, our Plume-instance was born! 🎉

ℹī¸ If you run into issues, check out first!

This instance is not yet (as of the date this article was published) listed on, because it is meant to be for testing: to see if Plume is stable enough to make it "more" official. This does not mean that it is for shitposting and spam, please keep it clean. 😉

However, registrations are open for now and you are invited to try it out. Plume supports the ActivityPub-Protocol and can communicate with Mastodon. This instance is running on releases of Plume (as of now, 0.4-alpha).

If it turns out to be awesome, it may become a place where you can expect the sort-off return of the blog. Also, it may replace a barely used service on our service-list.

Further, over the time, the theme(s) shall be customized.