Falling in love can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. The butterflies in your stomach, red flushed cheeks, absent-minded thoughts, and the exciting feeling you feel whenever your special someone is with you. These are only a few of the things that one would look forward to when experiencing love but love is not perfect. The road of love is not a smooth one, it is a crooked and bumpy path which is how it should be. All of us might dream of having the perfect and sweetest romance but in reality, the actual key to a strong and lasting relationship is how you both have grown from the challenges that you've conquered in your relationship. As of the moment, we are in the middle of experiencing the pandemic. This has affected various aspects of our lives including our relationship with one another l, specifically, romantic relationships. This pandemic is a new experience to us living in this generation so it might become a struggle to solve our love problems at this time but fret not because here are a few tips on how you could strengthen your romance during this pandemic.

CONSTANT COMMUNICATION Whether you are in a long distance relationship or not during this time of the pandemic, you will still need to have constant communication. This pandemic has is not only affecting our physical health but also our mental health. We are required to stay indoors and to limit contact with other people as much as possible. We are all living in different situations and are dealing with our struggles and sometimes all we can do to be uplifted is to rely on our partners.

EXERCISE TOGETHER We all have to start being conscious of our health especially now that we are facing the pandemic. Spending time with your partner is always a special time but spending time with positiveness and purpose is extra special. This would not only increase your bond in your relationship but would also make you grow healthier as an individual as well. Exercising can be a tough commitment but it would seem much easier and enjoyable if done together with your special someone.

LEARN HOW TO COOK TOGETHER It is always a fun and exciting experience to be able to learn a new hobby. One hobby that you could start with your significant other is cooking. It does not matter if you're good at it or not. Practice will eventually make you better but otherwise, it is the thought that counts.

GIVE AFFIRMATION TO YOUR SPECIAL SOMEONE With the accumulating stress due to the current situation of the pandemic, it is important to get whatever positiveness we can. Showing or giving affirmations to your loved one could help a lot in dealing with this endeavor.

CONCLUSION As mentioned in, there are many ways to strengthen your relationship but it could be a challenge during this time of the pandemic. We are all in different situations experience different challenges. No matter what we do, all that matters is that we are there for our partners and that we can support each other in any way we can for after every rain comes a rainbow and eventually this challenge will also pass and your relationship will grow stronger after getting through this together.