How Scotland’s been Tricked into Thinking it’s too Poor

How Scotland’s been Tricked into Thinking it’s too Poor

It’s is a simple economic fact that Scotland has an embarrassment of economic advantages over the rest of the UK and indeed over almost all the other smaller independent northern European nations that an independent Scotland would be benchmarked against. Just look at Scotland’s natural wealth.

Looking to the future Scotland possess:

  • 26% of the UK’s renewable energy generation
  • 90% if it’s hydropower capacity
  • A mind-boggling 10% of Europe’s wave power potential
  • 25% of Europe’s offshore wind resources
  • 25% of its tidal-energy resources

Before the Westminster Government harmed our economy with its next-to-no-deal Brexit, Scotland also exported £17,456 of goods per head, more than twice the UK’s goods exports of only £8648 per head.

So why are some Scots voters still worried about our economy? To be frank, they are being lied to by Westminster politicians. Those politicians need to keep Scotland’s economy within the UK,

Let’s be clear – Scotland does not have a financial deficit, the UK does.

The UK dumps a population share of its deficit onto Scotland’s accounts. If Scotland didn’t have to pay off the rest of the UK’s debt it would have no debt and no deficit at all. We would be as wealthy as Norway, our identical twin nation, which is the wealthiest in the world and has a sovereign pension fund with more than US$1 trillion in assets, including owning 1.4% of all global stocks and shares, making it the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund.

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