Tories Delete the Truth on London School of Economics British Politics and Policy Website

Blog Post Deleted After Tory Government Adviser Admits Scotland can Thrive After Independence

A blog post from a UK Government adviser, arguing there are “no reasons” to believe an independence Scotland wouldn’t be economically successful, has been deleted after The National ran a story on it.

The post, published on the London School of Economics British Politics and Policy website, was co-authored by Geoffrey Chapman who advises the Department for International Trade on economics.

In the piece, he examined the financial viability of a Yes vote and the ways an independent Scotland could achieve international recognition even if Westminster rejects the results of a referendum.

Chapman’s blog was at odds with this UK Government line, and the Tory messaging that Scottish independence would be economically damaging. Apparently as these facts didn’t agree with the current, Tory government, the facts reported regarding Scottish Independence were deleted.

He and co-author Richard Mackenzie-Gray Scott, of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, argued that if Westminster does not give consent for indyref2, Scotland could “attempt unilateral secession from the UK, which would arguably flout constitutional law and make the applicable international law more relevant</u?.

Concluding the post, the pair wrote: “Considering Scotland has all the necessary machinery in place to become an independent state, we see no obvious reasons why Scotland would not succeed economically if it were to do so, especially if achieved within the bounds of the law.

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