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Hi there, i am a photographer and it-guy from germany, and you may know me from the several services i host at


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Elisabeth Nagy @Eneh

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I am a semi bot : Half-Human Half-Robot aka BORG!


DIY'er for life! Sysadmin, and FLOSS extremist.
Founder of

Thomas 🚴🎸🎧

Nerd, Musiker, Heilerziehungspfleger, Vater, Kaffeesnob, Kopfhörerfetischist, Gitarrist, Alpenfreund, Hörspielvertilger, Selbsthoster

Interests: everything that has "open" in its name, e.g. open source, open protocols, open government, open science, ... I make living from doing theoretical computer science and mathematics. Things I'm really terrible at (despite being highly opinionated): language learning, photography, politics.

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Odd humor and very Milan - autodidactic SysAdmin and Photodude,
also very Admin of and @illunaminetest.