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Hi there! I’m a seasoned #blogger with over two decades of experience. I started blogging on LiveJournal back in 2000, sharing my thoughts and experiences with the world. Over the years, I’ve honed my writing skills and built a dedicated following. In 2020, I took the leap and started #hosting my content on my own #server. Now, I have full control over my #blog and the freedom to express myself in my own unique way. Join me on my blogging journey as I continue to share my #thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world. #fedi22

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Daniel ⏚

Développeur/intégrateur du Pôle de Compétences Logiciels Libres du ministère de l’Éducation nationale.

L’informatique est un outil, le solutionnisme technologique notre cancer.



Tixie Salander

Daughter of Kiki 🎀 and Lisbeth Salander ∴

Used to be a musician but now busy eating thinking sand because life is a beach — Love hating tech, what I make is for the few left out by the many

My name doesn’t contain letter R

Have a big heart under the protective thorns 🦔

God is a girl with a butcher knife


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Tom Goldoin

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Jaxom Kaplan

Explorateur de possibles numériques, entre énergies renouvelables et citoyens.

Motto: "Without documentation, it didn't happen."

Julien Ptrs

Humans have private digital rights.
Entrepreneur, privacy activist, hiker, and human being.


OG Hipster Blogger since 2000, the time before blogging was ever cool