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Gizaki txarra, gizona baino gizatxarra, ganorabako egoskorra, burmuinaren partez, puzkerra. Baina bestela, ondo. #euskara #zestapunta #jaialai #linguistics #folklore #gardening

I wouldn't like to be no endogamic narrow minded prick, but mostly write in Basque because I love my instance. Anyway, I am as curious as a racoon, so feel free to write and feed my wits. I can fluently interact in Spanish and English. I may also be able to communicate in German, French and even Mordorian Tongue.



🇬🇦 🏴󠁥󠁳󠁥󠁸󠁿 Monitor deportivo e intento de programador (combinación rara como yo (◕‿◕) ). Nacíu en Estremaúra #Estremeñu

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