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ПТН ПНХ @vtag@opensocial.at

twsparkle 🤍💙🤍 @twsparkle@expired.mentality.rip

js php coder, agender, classical liberal, pro fortnite gamer on android, anxious piece of shit

petrlozhkin @petrlozhkin@mastodon.online

Борец с пустотой

kravietz 🦇 @kravietz@agora.echelon.pl

Polish expat into UK. Information security engineer. Caver & cave rescuer (thus the bat). NHS volunteer & blood donor. Member of UK LibDems and Greens. Pro-nuclear and pro-renewables.

yesfreenet@mastodon.ml @yesfreenet@mastodon.ml

Даже и не знаю что сказать

ПТН ПНХ :flag_wbw: PTN PNH @vtag@mastodon.social

aliko@mastodon.online @aliko@mastodon.online

G1ver @g1ver@mastodon.social

Regular Ural man
Debate player
Professional historian
Kinda know some languages and learn just for fun
Like humanities, long conversations, current social situations discussions, different music, philosophy, adult swim animation and literature

Куратор⚫🟡⚪ @kurator88@mastodon.social

regular russian guy, linux user, golang software developer