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Vic Uzumeri

Recovering academic: step 8 of the 12 step program. Retired (emeritus) faculty in operations management and supply chain. Tech nerd. Former small tech business owner.

Love anything to do with systems ... any kind of system.

In Toronto.

Intensely supportive of Ukraine (but not Ukrainian). With🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Joan Van Tassel

FREELANCE JOURNALISM: The Hollywood Reporter, Demcast, ABC 20/20, ABC Nightline, KABC Eye on LA, WiRed, Los Angeles Times, Broadcasting & Cable, Winning Campaigns
BOOKS: The New News (2020), Media Management, (2014), Digital Rights Management (2009), Content Management Systems (2008), Brave New TV (1999)
AWARDS: San Diego Press Club (Best Magazine Article), Los Angeles Press Club (2nd place, Best Magazine Article), Emmy nomination
Cable Industry Book Award.

Anders Puck Nielsen

Danish military analyst
I make videos on YouTube about war, conflict, Russia – at the moment mostly the war in Ukraine.

Mountain Man Bob

Open-minded probably not.

Interest all over the place..
- Mountain biking, hiking and skiing, gym bores me to death.
- Still coding and loving it.
- Finance, stocks and related
- Philosophy
- Anything tech
- Current affairs






kravietz 🦇

Polish expat into UK. Information security engineer. Caver & cave rescuer (thus the bat). NHS volunteer & blood donor. Member of UK LibDems and Greens. Pro-nuclear and pro-renewables.