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Legoboy :morty:

Take a Software Engineer and add a Pinch of Interest for Philosophy.
Add a little interest for Psychology and Human Behavior.
And Then, Add a whole lot of love for Open Source and Online Privacy
And there you have me :)

:manjaro: :lineageos: :opensource: :fdroid: :duckduckgo: :tux: = ❤️

Human Bean

Just another fellow human bean.


Robert Kingett

Award winning author, anthology editor, and sometimes blogger. I love LGBT+ audiobooks, especially MG and YA.

Heavenly General

Strongest General under Heaven!

Note: English is my third language. My toots may have grammatical errors.


I lived around the world helping some giants as a useful idiot. I am now more selective of where I spend my efforts. I am excited to grow the federation and help the kids around me learn digital safety.

I am in northern California on the water at the base of hills. I tend a garden, paddle the bay, swing rings, and lift logs and chains when I am not developing software and loving those near me.

hi i am Carol773773020 my blog


ENG/PL/NO | she/her | sapphic grey | occasional artist | DnD 5e player/DM | urban gardener | icon art by Privat-Livemont

Old account


Prader-Willi-Syndrom (PWS), Datensouveränität, Nachhaltigkeit, Gardening


I seem to be a verb!

wakest ⁂

a single particle

hi! this is where i post random stuff i guess