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I am a semi bot : Half-Human Half-Robot aka BORG!


a nude fediverse enthusiast living in Downunder

admin of Nudie.Social fediverse services, digital privacy avocate, digital gardener, life model

ilja :pumpkin_owo:

Hellooo :blobfoxwave: I'm ilja!

I believe in a world of cooperation rather than competition. One of my current personal projects in life is to lessen my dependence on for-profit companies, and rather join non-profits and coops. I consider the world of free software and free culture an important part of this more cooperative world I long for.

I created the following bots:

I recently started providing managed hosting for Akkoma. If you're interested in having your own Akkoma instance without the technical hassle, check out !

Other cool projects I'd like to share are #Yunohost, #UbuntuTouch and #MapComplete. Check 'em out!

Trans rights are human rights :trans_flag: :agender_flag: queer rights are human rights :rainbow_flag: :lesbian_lipstick_flag: And it's sad that over half a century after the Stonewall uprising, we still have to remember people of that.

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Blocked all servers created for posting NSFW images.

I am antifacebook, antitwitter, degoogle, antitheism, antipsychiatry, antimcdonald, antiwork, antidisney, anti prostitution, anticonsumption, antiMLM(Multi-level marketing), anti-microtransaction, copyleftism.

So, I think you know my belief system now, humans with power corrupts, the bigger power 1 person/ a small group of people could have, he/they corrupt more. The system of federal Mastodon is prevent 1 person can having too much power. If there is an instance have more than 50% of all fediverse post, it must start to block small instance for preventing they grow.

Adblocking software(Can't to living without them)

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#decentralize everything!!!

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