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OG Hipster Blogger since 2000, the time before blogging was ever cool



a Slothy, yet dictatorial aspect of a many-faced entity AKA:

(as an admin)
(as a user)

and a bunch of others

I started this server on a whim by, and I am Slothily building this server. My intention for this aspect is to be my main English one, but the transition is slow.

You are welcome to join, just know that the server's gonna moderated from a leftist orientation.

Paul Levinson

#author 20 books: #ScienceFiction novels (best known: The Silk Code, The Plot to Save Socrates), media/politics (best known: The Soft Edge, Digital McLuhan, New New Media); prof Fordham Univ in New York City; #podcaster; #SingerSongwriter (LPs: Twice Upon a Rhyme, Spun Dreams, Welcome Up: Songs of Space and Time); most writing these days: time travel, alternate realities; currently reviewing Your Honor =I once had a sign that said a neat desk is a sign of a sick mind, but I lost it.=

Benjamin Kwiecień 🇵🇸

🌍 Esperantist, educator, and amateur linguist
📚 BA in Persian language and literature
🎙️ Host of Gemini Radio 💁
➡️ gemini://
⚠️ Warning: GoToSocial is currently in alpha; my profile may not be accurate when viewed remotely

Kévin ⏚

Based in Paris, I run a Wildcat! BBS like it's the early 90s. J'écris les choses sur internet en texte brut.


#Librarian, #tea. Learning vue.js & alma. Building infrastructures for higher ed.

Maker of vaguely religious bots, like @why, @mahabharabot, @pourquoi, and @nisargadatta.


✝ Christian 🤖 Computer Science 🐧 Linux enthusiast 😎👌 Memes 🇲🇽 Mexican (^u^) Animations 🔢 Math 🗯 Comics :fediverse: Interested in the Fediverse 🇺🇸/🇲🇽 EN, ES I consider myself a conservative person without being close-minded and I don’t like hatred/violence between humans as it goes against my beliefs. Single. I try to improve myself. Always looking for interesting freelance projects.


Trying to gain and share insight about the latest technology.


Shitposting, chess, Indian politics, history, media. Posts mostly in English, sometimes Marathi. 18+