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I'm @y6nH on (and GitHub, etc.) I code some web stuff and dabble in design. I make music and pictures sometimes.



Trần Đình Nguyện

Người cũ tính cũ và thích những thứ cũ kỹ.

Quarto Crescente

O colapso atual revela o fim deste mundo ou o começo de outro: Permacultura,territórios selvagens,artes,habilidades de construção e poesia,gambiarras capazes de instituir outros modos de existir e habitar,tudo tem valor para fortalecer a todos nós.

Sean Tilley

Former Community Manager of #Diaspora; sometimes editor of #WeDistribute. Federated Networks Association member, and sometimes hacker on various code projects. Been on the fediverse for almost 15 years now; pretty much everything I work on is designed for the intellectual commons. In the past, I have worked on short surreal stories and psychedelic art; right now my hobby is focused on creating an indie adventure game.

Queer as a 3-dollar bill, and perfectly happy about it. Still trying to figure myself out, though. Attracted to femininity in pretty much all incarnations and expression, regardless of how a person identifies. Transamorous for sure, but a lot of other things too. Fighting the urge to get married, settle down, and have kids.

Currently working through emotional problems. Occasionally I post really negative things about myself - I'm sorry if you see any of it. Trying to work through depression and some kind of mood disorder. Lonely, but not totally sure how to connect with other people.




Thomas Alves