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green leaf is my favorite lettuce
professional gossiper, fediwiki editor



Tomboy gf haver


Here to shill the Aryan.

Your New Sigma Furry Futa Waifu :verified:

Admin of and the rest of Shitty Services.
For the most part I'm just a normal user. I mostly post animu, lewds, may-mays, and shitposts.

Do not expect me to read chats you send to me. Send me an email instead.

I speak English fluently.



rylee alt

:murk_blepp: Catfucker :verified:

Pronouns: cum/cumself or they/them
(not because I am non-binary but because I am 50 motherfuckers)

[ admin of ]

Faggot | Pedophile | Rapist & Racist | Jobless | Heavy Drug User | Misogynistic |
100% Nazi 卍 (aryan certificate included)
Proud of my italian great grandmother (Love you, nana Babini)

The following content ought not to be seen by anyone. It will melt your brain cells and reduce your mental capacity by a whole. Viewers discretion advised.



I have once seen a dead bird and I wanted to cum on it but I couldn't. That made me very sad. On some days I really miss my dick.

Hi! I'm Jimmy! Or Gary? Maybe Sockies... Archy?
>> maybe I am in fact M̴̩̠̾͒̒̽͒̓͒͂̒u̴̖͎̫̘̯̺͊̈́͗̚r̴̞̲̝̩͓̳̐̊͌͠k̷̢̦̰͋́͑̑̕͘̚͝͝ý̸͍͕̟ <<
Anyways. I'm the one mommy warned you about! Living Accident. Professionally Bonkers.

I'm planning on fucking my cat. Did I do it? Stay tuned to find out.

Call me the Pussy Destroyer
Cats Fucked: 9

v | Since joining the instance | v
Being called "Based": 19
Being called "Based Catfucker": 10

If I am not currently being ass raped I am fucking my fiance @cumcrumble

I pray to a fat naked and squinting guinea pig called Medward Frederic of Mercury IV aka Murky and offer him snackrifices regularly. My boyfriend beat his meat to him at one point. That made me realise I want to marry him.

الله أَكْبَر

Sometimes I draw Murky and occasionally I..... :murk_confused:


matrix07012 :thotpatrol: :cunnyEmpire:

I'm the joke, but you're the punchline.

Shitposter, programmer, instance admin and a huge nerd.
I post edgy memes too much but I like anime girls too.


backup alt 2 (electric boogaloo)


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