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Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, November 21

‘The better we prepare for the long war, the sooner it will end’ -- NATO members nearing deal on joint Black Sea mine-clearing force -- Russian army boot manufacturers imported over $4 million worth of EU materials -- Russia may begin full mobilization after 2024 presidential election -- and more

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Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, November 20

Ukrainian teenager illegally taken from Mariupol manages to leave Russia, heads to Ukraine -- Explosion reported in Russian-occupied Melitopol -- Ukraine sanctions 100 individuals involved in illegal deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia -- Finland sends military to build fences near crossing with Russia -- and more

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Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, November 19

Bulgaria's Soviet stockpiles and large defense industry may be key to Ukraine's success -- Russia prepares another Avdiivka offensive -- Kazakhstan blocks Russian TV portal -- What's wrong with Hungary? -- and more

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Article sur Deuxfleurs & Garage dans le magazine 1024

Où l'on raconte la création de l'asso, son esprit, avant de plonger dans les systèmes distribuée en expliquant la raison d'être et le fonctionnement de Garage.

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, November 18

Kremlin planning campaign to destabilize Ukraine, potential coup -- 15 Russian warships destroyed, 12 damaged, Ukraine's navy says -- Artillery munition deliveries to Ukraine have decreased since Israel-Hamas War -- US to ensure sustainability of Ukrainian F-16s by providing spare parts -- Pro-Russian disinformation weakening Bulgarian army -- and more

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, November 17

Will the Kremlin’s war soon expand to a second front in Georgia? -- Ukraine's secret 'Black Box' project revealed to be long-range attack drone -- Over 2,400 children have been deported from Ukraine to Belarus -- Ukraine is working on boosting air defense throughout periphery regions -- More Americans support arming Ukraine than Israel -- and more

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