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Northern Ireland: “Dishonesty” over Brexit had Fuelled Resentment, Says Justice Minister, Naomi Lon

“These are scenes we haven’t seen in Northern Ireland for a very long time, they are scenes that many people thought were consigned to history and I think there needs to be a collective effort to try to defuse tension” - Ireland’s foreign minister says

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Au cœur de l'écho des Gilets Jaunes

Une analyse amha originale, en réponse à un message Mastodon mais qui peut avoir son intérêt par elle-même.

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700 ans après l'abolition de l'esclavage, penser un des impensés fondamentaux du monde moderne

Texte publié le 3 juillet 2015 quelque part sur les internets, que je rapatrie ici

Tory Government Forces English Councils to Dump Huge, Extra Care Bills to Disabled & Mentally Ill Adults

Tory's national underfunding of Social Care result in some working-age adults with little more than £3 a day to spend

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Twitch more than doubled over the last year

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Hey Plume

News - 2021-04-09 20:47:01

By FreaxApril 9, 2021Freax