We’re planning to sue Ofgem over their price cap announcement

Here’s how & why ...

We’re planning to sue Ofgem over their price cap announcement. Here’s how & why 🧵(1/9)

Today’s Ofgem announcement will push millions of people into poverty this winter.

💰The average household bill will go up by £1,578, an 80 percent increase from the current cap. (2/9)

We think Ofgem can and should be doing more to protect people - especially the most vulnerable. (3/9)

Before raising the cap, we believe Ofgem is legally required to:
1⃣ provide evidence it has carried out a proper impact assessment
2⃣ consider appropriate mitigation measures for the most vulnerable, including a lower social tariff. (4/9)

In July, we wrote to Ofgem to express our concern about its decision-making. We asked it to provide proof of its impact assessments. It failed to produce any such evidence. (5/9)

Last week we put the regulator on notice of formal legal action if it failed to uphold its duties. Today’s announcement provides no indication that an impact assessment has been carried out. (6/9)

⚖️So, we’re planning to put the question before the High Court, and ask for a fast-tracked timeline to reflect the urgency of this crisis. (7/9)

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We’re bringing this alongside @FuelPovAction and the Highlands & Islands Housing Associations Affordable Warmth Group🤝(9/9)