Important Notice: this service will be discontinued by the end of 2024 because for multiple years now, Plume is no longer under active/continuous development. Sadly each time there was hope, active development came to a stop again. Please consider using our Writefreely instance instead.

Registrations of this Plume instance now closed

Registrations will be closed until it looks like development is back on track. You may request accounts at

I have to close the Plume registrations temporarely, because it is hard to keep it clean. Also i don’t trust the progress of its development yet, as it was partially abandoned for a while.

Recently we had a blog post causing internal server errors for all new ones, because a field in the db was not set for the troublemaking post. The error was hard to track down, until i found it in the Plume issue tracker by accident, which helped me to understand what to search for in the database. In fact, i was unable to find that issue report again right now, because it was not ideally described. Finding it was quite some luck.


This instance has gathered an unhealthy amount of botaccounts over the past months. Not all of them have posted anything (yet). For those who post, i…

  • cannot ban from their profile
  • cannot ban from the commandline
  • also cannot ban remote accounts

…i have to click through pages of (lokal) users until the problematic one is found. As of writing this post, it also seems that instanceblocks are not working.

Plume is still young software and it overall shows too much to keep it open to the public for now. I will still have an eye on the development and will re-evaluate this decision in one or two releases.