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I've tried hard to love it but Plume has too many negatives

The Revolution Will Be Repurposed

Unexpectedly, a prominent Paris monument speaks to the usurpation of the very freedoms it celebrates.

Dealing With Google's Malware Robocop

Google's Judge Dredd-inspired process for dealing with phishing and malware is a nightmare for the self-hoster

The Fediverse As Composable Distributed Applications

The promise of the Fediverse is much more than replacing Twitter

Trusting Charity Directors

Since open source charity leadership comprises the software's biggest fans, a thoughtful approach is needed to representation, conflicts of interest & breach of trust.

Lesson of a Servant Queen

Whatever else one might think of the day's proceedings, for me this sentence from Archbishop Welby's sermon at the State Funeral is the fundamental wisdom of leadership in any context.

Akka Change Was To Be Expected

LightBend's use of the rights-ratchet model may have been predictable and suggests we should watch for other cases where it will eventually manifest.

How To Make A Standard As Interoperable As SMS

People ask why Internet messaging interoperability can't just be mandated by law. After all, they say, SMS works between any two phones so why not chat too?

The Impossibility Of The Centred Line

Interoperability is good, and breaks down the walls of walled gardens, but it isn't always possible for every feature to be interoperable, as I discovered decades ago writing import filters for a word-processor.

Freedom Means Having A Choice

Why we all need Almalinux ... whether we use it or not!

Is "Open Source" Hyphenated?

Certain style guides, and an errant bloc on Wikipedia, think it should be. But they are wrong, both by grammar and by popular consensus.

Recognising Reputation Vampires

Due to their open, democratic and welcoming nature, volunteer communities can suffer from the attentions of reputation vampires. What are they and how can you spot them?