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Tories to Pass Law Creating a 'State Speech Regulator' for Online Communication & Media

United Kingdom continues down the oppressive road to a dictatorial system. Legislation of thought, speech, information. UK looses grip on it's freedom & democracy daily.

Warum befreit ihr euch nicht?

Die Emanzipation von Online-Konzernen

Microsoft Had a Crazy Idea to Put Servers Under Water

and It Totally Worked

Why good people turn bad online

Meet the scientists finding out how we can defeat our inner trolls and build more cooperative digital societies.

A brief history of HTTP and current pitfalls of HTTP/3

The history of HTTP, the current issues with HTTP/3, and why I'm discontinuing support for HTTP/3 for now

Sal de la máquina

Cómo superar la adicción a las nuevas tecnologías y recuperar la libertad perdida.

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Dimito como moderador de Correr en Galicia

pois apetéceme dar as grazas e explicarme

Non nos rastrexes!!

do not track us, info