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Corporate Takeover & Privatisation of Our NHS

Turning the NHS Into a $28bn Profit Opportunity - Tory Cronyism

The current, corrupt UK government is forcing through its Health and Care (Privatisation) Bill - a set of deeply damaging reforms that would bring American-style healthcare to the NHS.

These reforms would give private healthcare companies - such as Virgin and Serco - control over our NHS, by giving them a seat at the table when budgets are set and decisions are made about the kind of healthcare we as patients will receive. Under the plans, there will also be even less scrutiny over contracts awarded to corporations .

Think of the billions of pounds in Covid-19 contracts given to Tory donors via the ‘VIP lane’ who had no experience producing PPE or medical supplies. Our courts found this behaviour illegal. The Health & Care Privatisation Bill will be the corrupt VIP Lane on steroids.

It’s clear that the Health and Care Bill is, in reality, an NHS Corporate Takeover Bill. Critical votes on the bill are expected in a matter of weeks.

‘The Will of the People’

Over 85% of the British public want a publicly funded and operated National Health Service (NHS)

We all need to take urgent action to protect the NHS from this corporate takeover!

Here’s what you can do:

Live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland?

If you live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, click below to read about how the NHS bill will impact you and what you can do about it!

Interested in the details of how our NHS is being handed over to make profits for Tory Party donor’s to pocket billings of pounds in profits?

This article in the Byline Times tears apart the Tory lies & exposes this money grab which will profit on our illness and suffering:

Turning the NHS Into a $28bn Profit Opportunity